Logo - A symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, advertising, uniform, vehicles, etc.

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We start the creative process by simply "scrapbooking" ideas. We deliver our initial drafts in black and white with focus on meticulaous geometry and balance - two essential factors in creating strong brand identity. Our inital drafts can be fully annotated so you, the customer, get an "under the bonnet" view of how your logo has been designed.

A selection of colour options.


Once we have established your logo design in black and white, we can move forward and supply colour variations. Bizgraphics use intuitive technology to create unique colour schemes that can be stored electronically and used consistantly across all of your print and web media creating repetition and recognition.

Logo Design - Home and Away Kit


We design all logos with foresight, presenting your final brand with variations - or as we call it, an "away kit" - to ensure your brand works everywhere. It is bizgraphics' meticulous attention to detail, forward thinking and consideration that makes your brand work.

A collection of brand centric print materials.


Moving forward, we are here for the journey, supporting you with everything you need to promote your business with a range of follow on designs services for commercial print, web design, business signage and much more. See our case studies to see how we can help your business grow.