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Bizgraphics have worked closely with Tyresure for approximately four years. In this period we produced an substantial amount of marketing materials including multi-language product brochures and literature, packaging and product decals, websites, publication advertising, exhibition graphics and in 2014 after relocation, new business signage. We currently also provide design support for their product resellers throughout Europe and America.

"Just wanted you to know that the marketing material went down really well. Our potential client in Germany will be discussing their first order in the next week - well done. I'll call in due course to discuss the packaging designs."
Xenubis Logo.


Specialists in high end, mobile satellite communications, Xenubis and Bizgraphics have enjoyed an excellent working relationship since 2011. Having initially designed product branding and literature for their UK Head Office, Xenubis have since opened offices in Europe, The Far East and most recently Canada. With respect to differing print formats, Bizgraphics have recently completed a large migration project, whereby all of the UK literature has been repurposed for the US/Canadian market.

"I've handed the designs around the office and it's a thumbs up from everybody."
A selection of Cemspec product branded

Cemspec Ltd

Cemspec are a family owned aggregates company with established trade custom. With a view to expand and sell their products via DIY retailers came a need to improve communication on packaging. Bizgraphics delivered a proposal to design packaging with a specific criteria to maximise purchase - colour coding, bold typography, visual indication of product application, easy to follow preparation instructions and health and safety advice. Following initial prototypes we have enjoyed working with Cemspec for a number of years as their product range grows.

"The packaging looks great and we have a number of new retailers interested in stocking our products - can we talk about point of sale advertising?"
Bridge4 Studio - External Signage

Bridge4 Health and Fitness

The construction of the Bridge4 Gym and Rehabilitation Centre was completed in 2016 offering a unique approach to health and fitness. Bizgraphics were asked to create the Bridge4 brand with a proposal to supply premise signage and associated literature as an on-going contract. To date we continue to support our client's requirements and are pleased to see their business evolve year on year.

"2017 - We are just celebrating our first year since we opened the gym. Interest in our unique training programmes and physio services has gone from strength to strength thanks to your continued support in all aspects of our brand promotion and marketing materials."